Marine Insurance

Comprehensive cargo insurance provided at an exceptionally competitive rate.

Cargo Insurance Cover

Burhill Logistics provide you peace of mind, when you need it most, with our comprehensive marine insurance cover.

We handle your cargo with the greatest care and attention; however, accidents do happen. This is why we provide Marine Insurance through our own underwriters.

Please note this is not automatic and must be applied for on a shipment-by-shipment basis.

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Why Use Marine Insurance Logistic Services?

Great Rates: Comprehensive specialist cargo cover for your shipments at an exceptionally competitive rate. There is no annual commitment which means you only pay for the shipments you make.

Comprehensive Cover: This tailored cover contains a broad range of extensions as well as catering for specific commodities, ensuring you peace of mind.

Speed and Efficiency: Our facility is the ideal vehicle to reflect the time responsive nature of the cargo industry. Quotes are generated with the minimum information provided to save you time. Electronic documentation ensures you have the cover you need when you need it. You can arrange cover anytime, anywhere in the world.

Can I assume my goods are fully covered for Insurance when I entrust them to Burhill Logistics Ltd?
No. We trade under the BIFA 2005 and UKWA 2002 standard trading conditions and have limited liability conditions. This is the case with most elements in the Supply Chain, e.g. hauliers, warehouses, ports, terminals, airlines, shipping lines etc. These limits may not come anywhere near the value of your goods, unless exceptional agreements are made.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the owner of the goods to ensure Cargo Insurance Cover is in place to protect your specific consignments as they journey from A to B. It is important that you identify who is responsible for insuring and you should refer to the Incoterm being used for your transaction.

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