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Burhill has enjoyed significant growth since it was founded in 2003 and much of this is down to the people who work with us.

The personal approach we provide our clients is integral to the service we offer and our teams are supported in their management and training to ensure that this is always at the highest level.

Burhill values learning opportunities and fostering personal growth among employees. This includes everything from working alongside experienced, professional colleagues, to formal apprenticeship schemes and supporting individuals in industry networking groups.

We believe that access to the logistics sector through these different channels allows for greater expertise through this deeper understanding of the industry and our worldwide connections open doors to diverse perspectives and collaborations. We foster a friendly, personal approach to working with customers and this has ensured exceptional service and builds lasting relationships.

The support for personal development empowers employees to reach their full potential and advance their careers. We strive to promote from within and actively encourage progression.

It is encouraging to hear that our teams feel that our strong company culture promotes a sense of belonging, teamwork, and shared values, encouraging a positive work environment – with 82% of employees saying they would recommend Burhill as a place to work.

Stories at Burhill

  • Meet Steve

    Meet Steve

    Industry accreditations are very important to Burhill because they demonstrate our adherence to recognised standards and best practices. They validate our competence, reliability, and compliance, providing assurance of quality service, regulatory compliance, and a higher level of professionalism across our logistics operations.

    I see a key part of my role is to keep driving those standards and for the past eight months we have had a focus on formalising further accreditations, and I am pleased to say that we have been successfully awarded both AEO and BRC certifications.

    We always strive to work to the highest standards, but the official recognition is significant as it endorses the best practice and continuous improvement that Burhill believes in.

  • Meet Tatjana

    Meet Tatjana

    The last 12 months especially saw a great deal of change in the customs arena. It is not an area of business that stands still at any time, but a great deal of the role the team and I face is keeping on top of the sheer amount of change, as it obviously affects how and what you advise a client.

    We deal with an incredible number of commodities – literally thousands of different products – and if you bear in mind that their corresponding customs tariffs and codes can vary on a daily basis you get a sense of the scale of what we are dealing with. You cannot take for granted that if you checked a code yesterday for a client that it will be the same again today and for the client any shift can mean a significant financial difference.

    My team does an excellent job at managing this and we work closely with HMRC to ensure that we are always dealing with the most up to date information.

    The role is very technical in that way, as it is highly operational and transactional, but it is also about what the implications are. What used to be considered more of a data entry job has shifted and we are very much consultants these days. We are in an advisory role with the team being relied on as true customs clearance experts by our clients.

  • Meet Brooke

    Meet Brooke

    I joined Burhill in 2018 in the freight forwarding team and soon after that the Young Forwarder’s Network came on my radar. 

    The network is part of the British International Freight Association – or BIFA for short – and supports young individuals in their professional development through events, knowledge sharing, advice and visits. A lot of senior people, high up in the shipping industry are involved in supporting those in the network so there is a huge amount of knowledge and experience to tap into.

    The network is made up of five regional groups and in 2022 I was asked by the CEO of BIFA if I would be interested in taking the role of Chair of the Anglia network. It was a bit daunting, but I thought it would be good thing for me to do. As Chair I am responsible for the Anglia committee, organising events and liaising with the other regional group chairs.


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