Forestry & paper product Logistic specialists

Burhill has many years’ experience in forestry products logistics and is proud to be a trusted partner for major worldwide paper mills and UK merchants. We are proud to be affiliate members of the Paper and Board Association and are supporters of the Paper Industry Charitable Trust.

With warehouse capacity to handle high volume across all product sectors, our specialist equipment and highly experienced operatives ensure complete product care.

What we offer

We handle products across the full spectrum of paper goods, including paper and tissue reels, loose fill and palletised container arrivals and finished products.

With specialist industry equipment, large space and highly skilled operatives at our disposal in every major UK port, we have earned our reputation as a trusted service provider in this field.

We have negotiated dedicated shipping contracts to offer competitive rates and protected space for large volume, but also to offer flexibility for market volatility.

We prioritise safety and compliance with our secure warehousing and our strict protocols ensure the care needed for the unique requirements of forestry products is met and product integrity is maintained.

Our advanced management systems allow for full visibility and traceability of your goods and our customs clearance expertise ensures full compliance with all international trade regulations.

What you get with our forestry & paper product logistics services

Our comprehensive suite of services in forestry products logistics offers end-to-end solutions for efficient management of the entire supply chain. With a strong focus on safety and compliance, our suite of services in forestry product logistics guarantees timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and the highest standards of quality throughout the entire process.

  • 20 years’ industry expertise in handling paper products
  • Capacity to handle high volume across the full spectrum of paper goods
  • Specialist industry equipment and highly skilled operatives
  • Large UK warehousing facilities at two of the world’s leading ports – Felixstowe and Liverpool
  • Trusted partners for warehousing requirements in all UK ports
  • Advanced management systems for complete traceability 24/7
  • Experienced teams to manage Customs’ requirements
  • Full freight forwarding capability

Key information

The global paper and tissue industry has been steadily growing.

The packaging segment is a major driver of the paper industry, with the global packaging market projected to reach $1.05 trillion by 2024.

The demand for paper and tissue products is influenced by factors such as population growth, urbanisation, and economic development.

According to a study by the World Bank, improving supply chain efficiency in the forestry sector could reduce costs by up to 30%.

The forestry product logistics industry is benefiting from advanced management technologies to enhance visibility, optimise routes, and improve overall operational efficiency.

The sector is increasingly focused on sustainable practices. Certifications like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and recycled content labels are increasingly important to consumers.

The support system to ensure all your logistics needs are met

Our advanced warehouse management system ensures that you always have complete traceability of the status of your goods. We ensure that every product that comes into the warehouse is logged and stored safely, securely and efficiently, from short to long term storage, bulk to pallets and racking.

Our online portal with dashboard visibility provides you with real-time data on each item through the warehouse process, allowing you complete inventory control for calling off delivery requirements.

Every part of the process is supported by our experienced teams of specialists, so you don’t lose the personal approach.

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