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Our complete logistics service includes transportation and distribution of goods once shipped to the UK or from storage in our warehousing. With our network of dedicated transport partners, we ensure the efficient and reliable movement of goods for their onward distribution.

From the point we receive the goods through to their final UK destination, our experienced teams ensure that the transit is effectively managed to streamline your supply chain, in the most cost-effective way.

What we offer

When we transport your goods in the UK, we will take care of all the logistics planning, route optimisation, and scheduling to ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries. We will load and secure your goods ready for transport and manage all documentation such as delivery notes and invoices.

Distributing your goods from our warehouse facilities, we only use our trusted network of reputable UK haulage companies. This ensures reliable and timely delivery of goods, minimising disruptions to your supply chain.

Our partners operate dedicated vehicles on our behalf and provide tracking and real-time updates, enabling transparency and improved customer service. We adhere to all regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring the legal and safe transportation of your goods.

Through our established network across Europe, we also provide a professional, reliable, and cost-effective service for all your European road freight requirements.

Our expertise in transport and distribution logistics results in a cost-effective service and an improved overall operational efficiency for your businesses.

Complete Warehousing Solutions

Our transport and distribution services complement our warehousing facilities, as Burhill is ideally situated for all your storage and the scale of our facilities mean we can provide the flexibility to manage around supply chain volatility. With over 350,000 square feet of port centric warehousing at two of the UK’s busiest ports – Felixstowe and Liverpool – and trusted partners in all other major UK ports, we can provide all the warehousing solutions your business needs.

We operate to the highest industry standards as demonstrated by our long-standing membership of UKWA (the UK Warehousing Association;) Our accreditations with BRC (British Retail Consortium) and AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) illustrate our commitment to best practice and continuous improvement.

Our services at a glance

Your logistics questions answered: see the FAQs

What are my choices when my goods arrive in the UK?
Once your goods arrive in the UK, we can provide professional, reliable, and cost-effective services for all freight types. Our teams of specialists source the most efficient routes providing you with the highest level of care and attention to detail, at the most competitive price. We also provide our own large, portside, warehousing facilities at two of the leading ports – Felixstowe and Liverpool – and we have trusted partners for warehousing requirements in all UK ports. Our extensive warehousing facilities mean we can provide the flexibility to manage around supply chain volatility and our modern handling equipment ensures we have the ability to handle specialist products.
How do I keep track of my goods?

With our advanced management systems, we ensure that you have complete visibility of the status of your shipments, as well as all warehouse inventories and the necessary documents for customs compliance.

Our centralised portal means everything is in one place, ensuring ease of use and being cloud-based it is available to multiple users, anywhere and at any time.

This high level of traceability is available to you in real time and at the touch of a button, to provide transparency and excellent customer service, allowing you to streamline your own administration.

How do I get started?

We make working with us as straightforward as possible for you. We adopt a partnership approach and provide a service bespoke to your needs. With over two decades of experience in the logistics sector, an extensive global network that we work with and a great team of experts on hand to advise you we handle your shipping effectively and efficiently.

From the outset we can discuss your freight forwarding needs in terms of type of goods, volume, origin, destination and timeframes. We will work with you on all the necessary documentation for freight forwarding and will coordinate on all shipping details and required customs compliance. Once your goods are in the UK we can provide flexible warehouse facilities or onward distribution. All from a single point of contact and with management systems in place for complete visibility.

How can you help my business?

We can provide value to your business in numerous ways. We leverage our expertise and extensive networks to handle the complexities of your freight forwarding and supply chain needs.

We provide a single point of contact across all your logistics requirements with our customs clearance, warehousing and transport services ensuring efficient supply chain management. Our advanced systems always provide you with complete visibility on your goods, with all documentation stored in central portals to reduce the administrative burden on your business.

Ultimately our partnership approach means we enable companies to focus on their core business while we take care of the smooth and efficient transportation of your goods.

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