For all your air freight logistics requirements

The air freight team is ideally placed close to Heathrow airport, working with all major airlines and our trusted network of IATA registered partners to offer worldwide air freight logistics.

We provide flexible options that allow you to choose a service that is completely bespoke to your needs.

What we offer

With our experience in complicated, high value and time-critical shipments, often with sensitive cargo, we ensure complete management throughout the entire air freight process.

Our air freight services provide you with a comprehensive range of solutions to manage your supply chain and facilitate the movement of your goods, from your initial booking through to the final destination.

We provide reliable, secure and time-sensitive air freight forwarding with the global connectivity your business needs to access international markets.

Our advanced management systems allow for full visibility and traceability of your goods and our customs clearance expertise ensures full compliance with all international trade regulations. In addition, we also provide comprehensive specialist insurance cover for your goods at a competitive rate to give you complete peace of mind.

Our complete suite of services includes warehousing and onward distribution to truly streamline your logistics operations, enhance your supply chain efficiency and enable seamless global trade.

What you get with Burhill Logistics Air Freight services

Using our extensive IATA network, the Burhill team of experts provide tailored options for the most complex air freight. With the best routes, optimal transit times and at the most competitive price we deliver the best option for your air freight cargo.

  • Proximity to all major airlines from our Heathrow base
  • Trusted IATA partners across the world
  • Daily import and export freight
  • Door to door air freight service
  • Packing services, labelling and palletising work
  • Customs clearance formalities – import and export
  • Visibility through our advanced management system
  • Comprehensive marine insurance at a competitive rate

Key information

Air freight is one of the fastest ways to deliver goods, ensuring quick turnaround times for businesses

The global air freight market is projected to reach $130.7 billion by 2026

In 2020, the total volume of goods transported by air worldwide was estimated to be around 61 million metric tons

Some of the busiest international air freight routes include those connecting Europe and Asia

The growth of e-commerce, increasing demand for perishable goods, globalisation of supply chains, and the need for time-sensitive shipments are key factors driving the growth of the air freight industry

Air freight is responsible for approximately 2% to 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions from transport. However, efforts are being made to reduce carbon emissions through the use of more fuel-efficient aircraft and sustainable practices

The support system to ensure all your logistics needs are met

Our advanced management systems ensure that you always have complete traceability of the end-to-end movement of your goods, allowing you to track the status of your shipments in real time.

You can easily access and download all documentation to streamline your own administration and our cloud-based portals mean that information can be shared across multiple applications to ensure your colleagues are all up to speed.

Every part of the process is supported by our experienced team of specialists, so you don’t lose the personal approach.

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