Customs clearance – steering a clear route through international regulations

The experienced Burhill Customs Clearance team specialises in ensuring full compliance with the complex legislation and regulations of customs procedures and declarations across all UK border points. We continuously monitor changes to legislation and advise what that means to your business and act accordingly on your behalf, ensuring that the movement of your goods through the customs process is as seamless and cost effective as possible.

Having been granted AEO status Burhill is recognised by HMRC as fulfilling both customs simplification and safety and security requirements. Our AEO accreditation serves as a testament to our long-standing commitment to compliance, safeguarding, and efficiency within the international supply chain.

What we offer

With our links to all sea port systems and airports, we provide customs clearance for your goods across all UK border points. We have complete experience with all standard and non-standard procedures, including Excise Relief, Bonded Movements, Foodstuffs, Exports, Inward / Outward Processing Relief and Returns.

We can provide VAT suspension with our in-house bonded warehouse, subject to prior approval with HMRC and we provide full support through the transition from CHIEF to CDS.

The Customs team also provide expertise on UK Customs Trade tariffs, duty deferment, postponed VAT accounting and updates on UK Trade-Cooperation Agreements.

Our customs clearance team plays a vital role in helping your business to import goods to the UK. We provide expertise and support throughout the customs clearance process, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and smooth import operations.

Our team assists with essential tasks such as preparing and submitting accurate customs documentation, calculating and paying import duties and taxes, coordinating with customs authorities, and addressing any potential issues or delays.

We are up to date with evolving customs regulations, and we closely monitor any changes in Uk customs tariffs and trade agreements, which may affect regulations and duties and taxes payable. This enables your business to navigate complex customs procedures effectively, minimise risks, and ensure the smooth and timely delivery of goods to the UK.

Customs compliance

With customs compliance, it is crucial to consider the following key aspects:

  • Proper documentation and accurate declaration of goods
  • Compliance with import/export regulations and tariffs
  • Understanding customs procedures and requirements
  • Ensuring proper packaging and labelling
  • Efficient communication with the relevant customs authorities

Customs Procedures

The most important thing in customs procedures is ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and documentation requirements. This includes accurate classification and valuation of goods, proper completion of customs forms, adherence to import/export restrictions, and timely submission of necessary paperwork.

Compliance helps prevent delays, penalties, and potential legal issues during customs clearance.

Exchange Rates

When considering both exchange rates and customs, it is crucial to keep the following factors in mind:

  • The impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the cost of imported/exported goods
  • Understanding currency conversion for customs valuation
  • Analysing the potential effect on import/export duties
  • Considering currency risk management strategies to mitigate financial impacts

The support system to ensure all your custom compliance is met

Our advanced management systems ensure that you always have complete visibility of the compliance status of your goods as part of our customs declaration service. From allowing you to track progress in real time, receive all updates and documentation electronically, and have ongoing access for full traceability.

The ease with which you can access and download all documentation and invoices from one central repository enables you to streamline your own administration. Our cloud-based portal means that information can be shared across multiple applications to ensure your colleagues are all up to speed.

Every part of the process is supported by our experienced teams of customs specialists, so you don’t lose the personal approach.

Our services at a glance

Your logistics questions answered: see the FAQs

What is the benefit of using bonded warehousing?
A bonded warehouse allows for more efficient inventory management and faster customs clearance processes. Our expert team in Customs Clearance can give further advice but generally using a customs bonded warehouse can lead to cost savings, streamlined operations, and enhanced customs compliance.
How do I know I’ve got the right commodity tariff code?

We will advise on the codes needed at the initial stages of working with you on your customs clearance requirements and the goods involved. Through our work with HMRC on the UK customs tariff, our team will check the codes daily, as they are subject to change across the thousands of commodities that are covered. These checks ensure that on the day of import the correct code is being applied and the correct tariff being paid.

We will keep you updated on all communications and can offer guidance for your best options if any changes are significantly different to what was initially expected.

How do I get started?

We make working with us as straightforward as possible for you. We adopt a partnership approach and provide a service bespoke to your needs. With over two decades of experience in the logistics sector, an extensive global network that we work with and a great team of experts on hand to advise you we handle your shipping effectively and efficiently.

From the outset we can discuss your freight forwarding needs in terms of type of goods, volume, origin, destination and timeframes. We will work with you on all the necessary documentation for freight forwarding and will coordinate on all shipping details and required customs compliance. Once your goods are in the UK we can provide flexible warehouse facilities or onward distribution. All from a single point of contact and with management systems in place for complete visibility.

How can you help my business?

We can provide value to your business in numerous ways. We leverage our expertise and extensive networks to handle the complexities of your freight forwarding and supply chain needs.

We provide a single point of contact across all your logistics requirements with our customs clearance, warehousing and transport services ensuring efficient supply chain management. Our advanced systems always provide you with complete visibility on your goods, with all documentation stored in central portals to reduce the administrative burden on your business.

Ultimately our partnership approach means we enable companies to focus on their core business while we take care of the smooth and efficient transportation of your goods.

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