Warehousing facilities in Felixstowe

Burhill is headquartered at the Port of Felixstowe, one of the largest and busiest container ports in the UK. With extensive portside warehouse capacity of 150,000 square feet and a mix of bulk storage and racking, this prime location allows Burhill to efficiently handle and store goods, ensure seamless logistics operations and streamline supply chain management.

What we offer

150,000 sq.ft of warehousing

With 120,000 square feet bulk storage area, we successfully tailor bulk storage options for clients in a range of different industries. Our flexible racking area can provide 4,000 racked pallet spaces, whether for short-term or seasonal requirements to long-term storage.

Our warehouse solutions offer a range of competitive and flexible pricing options, catering to short and long-term storage needs. We offer flexible handling services, including palletised and handball options, tailored to your specific requirements. Quality control measures, such as inspection and reporting on receipt, guarantee the integrity of your goods.

We are experienced at managing seasonal peaks, providing expert planning, pricing, and operational support to handle increased demand seamlessly, therefore helping you to manage supply chain volatility.

Our services cover a wide range of requirements, including case picking, pallets, reels, and special handling requests. Cross-docking facilities, equipped with 7-level access loading doors, enable efficient transfer and sorting of goods. Additionally, we provide comprehensive fulfillment and e-commerce solutions, supporting both new and established online businesses.

With our advanced warehouse management system (wms), we ensure accurate inventory management to maximise efficiency. Regular reporting provides complete visibility of your inventory, with real time information for better decision making.

What you get at our Felixstowe warehouse service

The Felixstowe warehousing spanning 150,000 square feet and comprising of a combination of bulk storage and racking is strategically located at the portside for convenient access to all freight forwarding.

  • Long-standing members of UKWA and AEO and BRC accreditations
  • Prime location – fast and easy access to transportation routes
  • Racked warehousing – all configurations – short or long term
  • Bulk storage for a range of high-demand industries
  • Late night vehicle loading for next day delivery
  • Fully bonded warehouse storage
  • Full stock movement visibility via our online tracking system
  • Order repacking, reworking, relabelling and pick & packing
  • 24-hour manned security and CCTV coverage

How to find us

Our Felixstowe warehouse facilities are ideally situated for all your warehousing needs – central to the Port of Felixstowe and just a few minutes from major routes.

Burhill Logistics Ltd
PD House
Parker Avenue
IP11 4HF

Phone: +44 (0)1394 612000

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