Team Case Study – Steve Giles

Industry accreditations are very important to Burhill because they demonstrate our adherence to recognised standards and best practices.

They validate our competence, reliability, and compliance, providing assurance of quality service, regulatory compliance, and a higher level of professionalism across our logistics operations.

I see a key part of my role is to keep driving those standards and for the past eight months we have had a focus on formalising further accreditations, and I am pleased to say that we have been successfully awarded both AEO and BRC certifications.

We always strive to work to the highest standards, but the official recognition is significant as it endorses the best practice and continuous improvement that Burhill believes in.

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accreditation plays a crucial role in customs compliance. It is an internationally recognised certification that demonstrates a company’s commitment to secure and efficient trade operations. Obtaining AEO accreditation signifies that Burhill meets stringent standards and criteria set by customs authorities, including robust security measures, financial solvency, and compliance with relevant regulations.

The importance of AEO accreditation lies in the benefits it means we can pass on to our clients. AEO-certified companies enjoy simplified customs procedures, reduced inspection rates, and expedited clearance processes. This ensures that we can support faster and more streamlined supply chain operations, reduced costs, and therefore improved competitiveness in international trade for our clients.

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) accreditation is equally as important to our clients specialising in foodstuffs. It is another globally recognised certification that ensures the highest standards of quality, safety, and legality in warehousing for food storage and handling. Obtaining BRC accreditation demonstrates Burhill’s long-standing commitment to food safety management systems, hygiene practices, and product integrity. Even if our clients are not importing or storing food products, they can rest assured their products are still meeting the same high standards.

BRC accreditation provides credibility and enhances trust with our clients and their supply chain that all regulatory compliance is met and operational efficiencies are delivered. It provides peace of mind that all hazard analysis is covered so for example, the risk of product contamination and cross-contamination is reduced.

It has been a great achievement by the whole team to attain these latest accreditations through a series of training, audits, onsite inspections, and documenting everything we do. I am very proud that we can officially demonstrate the high standards we work to, which is what Burhill is all about so to be able to formalise that is important to us, our clients, and throughout our joint supply chains.

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